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Bits of Wisdom #13 : Xenophanes


From the ancient till modern times, Greece has been the homeland for many important historical events and people who have marked the history of the country and have influenced the course of the world. People with talent, inspiration, and vision have set the grounds of modern civilization.

Ancient thinkers words on life, success, courage and character hold true centuries later and can be just the pick-me-up we need, whatever the work day throws at us.

The Ancient Greek philosophers used few words, 'quotes', to express pearls of wisdom that stand up today as guidelines for living wisely and compassionately.


Philosopher of the 4th century BC

“No human being will ever know the Truth, for even if they happen to say it by chance, they would not even known they had done so”

“One may define flattery as a base companionship which is most advantageous to the flatterer”

“It takes a wise man to recognize a wise man”

“God is one, greatest of gods and men, not like mortals in body or thought”

“Men create the gods in their own image”

“If cattle and horses, or lions, had hands, or were able to draw with their feet and produce the works which men do, horses would draw the forms of gods like horses, and cattle like cattle, and they would make the gods' bodies the same shape as their own”

“Better than the strength of men and horses is our wisdom”