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The art of “making THE difference”

Culture makes us what we are and enables us to form our identities as individuals and as a society. ODENA Institute is committed to art and culture through constant patronage and dissemination, supporting new forms of artistic expression and restoring historic heritage.

We are committed to art, and our goal is to reinforce our sponsorship in a sustainable manner, supporting actions that preserve our past heritage and promote new forms of artistic expression.


Our on going projects :

Construction materials as art

A link between beauty and construction. What is so significant about this project, is not its meaning, which it would be difficult to ascertain without reading the handout text, but rather its sheer beauty.

Piles, which consists of cement rubble, roofing tiles, and bricks, many times smashed up into smaller bits, are an Olympus of rubble its contours as beautiful as the folds of Roden or the furrows in actual mountains depicted by a great landscape painter.

What this project seeks to draw our attention, is to make us see the beauty of what is not a building as a something worth remaking and admiring onto itself.

Art life in abandoned places

Abandoned places often seem like art in themselves. Τhere’s a certain beauty in decay, and urban explorers go to great lengths in order to capture decrepit remains on film. But some take it one step further, turning abandonments into eerie, haunting settings for wholly unexpected art that can be surprisingly vibrant and inspirational.

Construction Material Typology.The closer you look, the more you see.

Photographic typology has the ability to reshape perception, heighten and focus attention, and transform everyday objects into a thing of art. Ironically the process and execution, often cold and systematic can be extremely emotive, and a powerful tool of communication when contextualized.

A typology is a collection of a single type or class, with the collection itself being more important than the individual components.

The content of our work is a collection of typologies we compile mostly from the internet, where we draw conclusions mainly about the use of various construction materials over the centuries. And behind every material is a story we try to discover and capture.


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We support the achievement United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, which address the greatest challenges facing humanity.

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