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An aware society is the best weapon against climate change. And this is where environmental journalists play a crucial role. They inform and they raise awareness among people. Sustainability, biodiversity and renewable energies are some of the topics covered by professionals that are increasingly more essential. Environmental writers use their unique voice and writing skills for a cause they believe in. In this way, they contribute to the worldwide discussion about the environment and ways to protect it. They research both viewpoints of an environmental issue and report on it in an ethical, yet realistic, way. While they introduce both spectrums of the argument, they don’t downplay the impact of the issue in their writing.

Odysseus & Athena Institute, acknowledge that in modern democracies, public authorities need public opinion consensus to promulgate their policies. Policies related to sustainability are no exception. As a society, environmental policies can only progress if people are aware about the health of the planet, sustainable development and the fight against climate change. That's where science and environmental journalism plays a decisive role.

For that reason our scientific team,  support environmental journalists in their investigations, with reliable studies and  data in a number of issues such as climate change, construction sector and material banks, resource efficiency and others.

 If you are a journalist searching for scientific data, studies, crosscheck facts and figures please do not hesitate to contact with us.

We believe that environmental journalists is the perfect way to  share scientific information in an understandable way that has a lasting impact on people. 


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We support the achievement United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, which address the greatest challenges facing humanity.

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