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The martial art that promotes culture and universal values

Workshop overview

This two-week workshop will examine the famous ancient Greek sport Pankration. Pankration was a combination of struggle, kicking and boxing. The name derives from the words παν + κρατείν meaning that the winner was the one who "holds the dominant power" or the one who "totally dominates", while the athletes were called pankratists. Under alexander’s the Great expeditions, Pankration spread to India. It is believed that from India was spread to Far East and was the “ancestor” of all eastern martial arts. The students will learn about the historical background of Pankration, they will participate in a sports simulation that will include practical lessons in Pankration, they will meet famous Pankratists to discuss with and they will spend a whole day in a Pankration sports facilities.

What’s included

  • 12 days of seminar in Athens
  • Hotel Rooms . internet access included
  • All breakfasts
  • All dinners, buffet with Greek culinaries from Monday through Friday
  • Airport pickup and drop-off for arrival and return flights [Flight not included in price.]
  • Cultural activities
  • Day trips
  • Six credits ECTS for all University students, no pre-requisites required.

Optional components

Flight package : For your convenience, Odysseus & Athena will arrange your round- trip airfare (including all fuel surcharges, taxes and fees), meet you at the arrival airport(s) and provide transportation to and from the program site on scheduled arrival and departure dates.

For this component you need to address directly to Odysseus& Athena .

Refund Policy

Less than 80 but more than 45 calendar days prior to the official arrival date of the program: 25% of program fee. Less than 45 but more than 20 calendar days before the official arrival date of the program: 50% of program fee. Twenty (20) days or less prior to official arrival date: No refund.

We offer for free

  • On-site staff , Resident Director and Support Staff to help with any questions or advice you may need while in Athens
  • Comprehensive Insurance and Assistance Package
  • 24-hour emergency telephone service: email, whatsApp, viber,  skype. so that local staff can always be reached in an emergency situation. Also has a dedicated team of professionals ready to assist students/guests and orient them to the life in Athens.
  • Celebration party, the night before departure

Workshop outline

Pankration is the world's oldest sport. According to Greek mythology, it is believed its creation was inspired by the battles between Thiseas and Minotaurus, while others believe that was invented by ancient mythological hero, Hercules.

Pankration’s core values are freedom, honesty, justice, equality and it’s totally attuned with Olympic ideals. After its expansion in Far East became the ancestor of modern eastern martial arts. Through the workshop, Pankration will be reintroduced to people and students through a multilevel and experiential learning, will be taught sports’ main features and its connection with culture.  


Day 01

June 3rd

Arrive in Athens. Welcome dinner!

Day 02

June 4th

Course session and coursework

Day 03

June 5th

Course session and coursework

Day 04

June 6th

Course session and coursework

Day 08

June 10th

Course session and coursework

Day 09

June 11th

Cultural activites all day

Day 10

June 12th

Course session and coursework

Day 11

June 13th

Course session and coursework

Day 05

June 7th

Course session

and coursework

Day 06

June 8th

Field Trip

Day 07

June 9th

Field trip

Day 12

June 14th

Course session and coursework

Day 13

June 15th

Day trip & Final Show, Celebration Dinner!

Day 14

June 16th

Departure: SAFE TRIP HOME!

Location / Site

Athens. The city that gave birth to democracy, the sciences and fine arts is ready to reveal its secrets. Athens: the city of history and ancient civilisation – the Parthenon, Acropolis and the Ancient Agora. At the same time a modern, vibrant megalopolis, full of energy, day and night. A city belonging to humanity and Mediterranean light. This mighty city has contributed to world history and culture time and again, making itself immortal; an actor beyond the constraints of time’s usual boundaries.

A youthful city, buzzing with life, it is confident, free and charming. A city that never sleeps. Full of flavour, desire and pleasure.




June 3-16 2019


to be announced



Before you sign up

Transportation to Greece is not included. Odysseus&Athena will send you instructions for travel after registration.

Please let us know of your dietary restrictions and we will work with our chef to accommodate your needs. We recommend a visit to your health care provider before the trip [scheduled for a minimum of six weeks before travel]. If you have any ongoing medical conditions, please consider when registering.

Travel / Flight

Airport pickup and drop-off is only for the program dates indicated. You may choose to arrive early or stay late, where you will be responsible for your transportation arrangements/costs. Odysseus & Athena can help you arrange this.

Passport/Visa & Insurance

We require all participants to be in possession of a passport valid 6 months after your date of travel into the country.

U.S. Citizens do not need a visa when traveling to Greece. If you are traveling from a country that a visa is required when entering Greece, you should start the process as soon as possible after signing up.

All participants are enrolled in our international health and travel insurance policy. We will send you more information prior to travel.


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