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The Greek Experience through Greek Language

"Make culture work for development"

Greek is considered a rather difficult language. That explains the expression “it’s all Greek to me!”. Yet, once you take a closer look, you will see that you already speak Greek – but you just don’t know it! You are certainly familiar with words like “theatre”, “democracy”, “music”, “logic”, “energy”, “diagnosis”, “gastronomy”, “philosophy”, “strategy”, “ecology”, “symbol”, “tragedy”, “psyche” or even…”crisis”.

Democracy, mathematics, and philosophy have something in common: they’re all Greek words borrowed by the English language! As one of the oldest Indo-European languages (like 4,000 years old!), Greek words, roots, prefixes, and suffixes have found their way into English.

Greek is the language to learn: the classic voice of culture, empire, and the Western world. If it weren’t for Greek, Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs would remain a mystery and Mediterranean cuisine would have to look elsewhere for olive oil, wine, and feta cheese. Greek served as the basis for independence from the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century and has continued the legacy of its predecessor into the 21st century. So why not embrace the old and the new by doing Greek language study?

The programs are designed for high school students, of south hemisphere, with native language english or Spanish, who love Greece and want to learn how to communicate in the language of the country.

The programs takes place on December and January, basically in summer period for schools of south hemisphere.


Learn Greek language and culture in a fully equipped centre with modern facilities Get the opportunity to visit Greek archaeological sites and islands.

Enjoy local activities that varies between , greek dance lessons, athletic activites, activities that motivates you to communicate in Greek.


  • Location:
    Different towns in Greece
  • Program availability:
    December and January
  • Age requirement:
  • Program includes:
    20 days course
  • Language skills required:
    English or Spanish


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