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    Greece, the light that never deems since homer time

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    The  light of Greece  that inspires and above all stimulates the spirit

  • Greece,  the soul of the Mediterranean! The climate, the diversity, the landscapes and, best of all, its people!

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    Behind every stone and in every pocket of light that prevail in the Greek countryside hides a tale of courage, endurance, generosity and harmony

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    To visit Greece is to enjoy an epic tale that goes back at least 5,000 years, where the dividing line  between myth and history become beautifully blurred 

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    The miracle of Greek antiquity is one of the highest peaks of the accomplishments of the human spirit and continues to illuminate every field of human activity

"Make culture work for development"

ODYSSEUS & ATHENA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of Greek’s unique environment and cultural heritage who has shaped our world. Our objective is to reach the countless number of people worldwide who are passionate about Greek landscape, history and culture. And one of the most powerful tools to achieve our goals is travel and education.

ODYSSEUS & ATHENA operates in collaboration with tertiary education institutions including international universities and academies, with ,superintendents for Greek tangible and intangible heritage and monuments, fine arts and museums, local and international authorities.

Challenging the Status Quo


Our mission at ODYSSEUS & ATHENA is to sustainably preserve and promote greek nature, landscape and cultural heritage, tangible & intangible, as a source of learning, enriched cultural identity, and resilient economic development.

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At ODYSSEUS & ATHENA, we envision a world where communities are empowered to view greek heritage as precious, appreciate it as a fount of inspiration, and protect it as a pillar of the past and an enhancement to the future.

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Our Manifesto

Our History

Beginning in March 2015 a group of enthusiasts from diverse professional backgrounds who are passionate about Greek landscape and cultural heritage, representing international environmental and cultural organizations, IT sector, universities and museums, met for a series of discussions to explore the establishment of an organization having as main goal the conservation of Greek outstanding cultural treasures, the investment in environmental protection and cultural heritage assets as tools for sustainable development and the discovery of ways in which new IT technologies either influences or creates culture. With staff and financial support from sponsorship contributions from its member this group was encouraged to expand its membership and organize formally.


Do you want to make a difference in in Greece? In sectors of environmental protection and cultural heritage? Do you want to join a diverse team working on the most valuable and prestigious historical greek monuments? If so, then we want to hear from you and welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the high quality programs and services we provide.

GREECE offices: If you are interested in a position based in GREECE
UK offices: If you are interested in a position based in UK

Affiliated innovative initiatives

Odysseus and Athena Institute supports and enhances environmental & cultural initiatives worldwide. Under this scope, it closely collaborates with Amphictiony of Ancient Greek Cities, an international cultural network that promotes Ancient Greek spirit and strengthens interaction among cities, organizations and people passionate with ancient Greek civilization’s achievements. Up to date 180 greek municipalities officially join the Network and outside Greece, Amphictiony has a strong presence in cities of 5 continents. Odysseus and Athena Institute offers valuable expertise and knowledge for Network’s further expansion and development, through the use of innovative tools and methods, creation of promotion strategies and collaboration with international key players.

Odysseus and Athena Institute also cooperates with Network of Cities with Lakes, a european non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance active engagement and involvement of locals (individuals and authorities) and transnational cooperation in sustainable development issues, including environment, entrepreneurship, sports and culture. The collaboration focuses on shaping local policies on “smart and sustainable development” and improving quality of life in cities and regions through European and international financial tools and funding.

Pindos Network

Digital Ambassadors

Are porfessionals, environmentalists, art historians, IT experts and archeologists that decided to promote our projects and initiatives supporting us on social media. They are distinguished professionals, who successfully dedicate themselves to the digital divulgation environmental & of cultural content. Now they are making their competencies and qualities available to Odysseus & Athena, through their blogs and profiles on social networks.


In accordance with the values, objectives, and visions of its mother association, Odysseus & Athena Young focuses on being the bridge between youth and culture; two worlds that now more than ever have a need for interaction. Odysseus & Athena Young’s mission is to allow young adults to be the protagonists in our pursuit of promoting and enhancing Greek environment, landscape and cultural heritage. In order to do this, they create activities, contests, and opportunities that foster interactions and discussions, with the aim of materializing concrete projects in the environmental and cultural sphere. Odysseus & Athena Young is a committee composed of young adults from all over the world, ranging from 18 to 30 years of age, who all share a passion for Greece history art and culture. ODYSSEUS & ATHENA Young’s members provide their voluntary services to promote initiatives aimed at enhancing the value of Greek civilization, embedded in our collective consciousness

Members Area


8 Adrianoupoleos str
17124 Athens

39 Malvern terrace,
Swansea SA20BE
Wales, UK

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